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Pretty in Pink at Wisley

Posted by Sara Draycott on 22 Sep 2010 at 10:53 AM

Autumnal hints are just starting to appear, but as the weather is hovering between summer and autumn there is an awful lot of colour to find in the garden.  Wisley is still in full bloom, with a wonderful fragrance from the Rose Garden, where there are still plenty of blooms ready to come out, and the Mixed Borders looking particularly stunning.

It struck me how many different colours there are at this time of year, including blues from gentians in the Alpine Display House and yellows from the annual flower mixes.  But then I started to think pink.

Colchicums and cyclamen create a pink (and white) spectacle at ankle-level throughout the garden.  Ice plants (Sedum) are in flower on the Mixed Borders, attracting insects and spilling over onto the paths, softening the straight lines. They feature in the Glasshouse Borders and Grass Borders too. But whilst your on the Mixed Borders look out for pink Phlox paniculata, Salvia, Alstromeria and dahlias too. A few hibiscus shrubs are still in flower, especially in the beds around Seven Acres, where some fantastic fuchsias and tall Crinum are doing the pink thing too.


Japanese anemones are in full bloom in the Country Garden, Walled Garden and outside the Glasshouse.  Here, you'll also spot some Bergenia in flower, as they're not just spring-flowering plants.


Inside the Glasshouse a tapestry of different foliage shapes and colours fills the display area - these Solenostemon (Coleus) will be on show here until well into October.  With such a variety - yellows, purples, greens, reds, pink - some smooth-edged, some ruffled, some raggedy - it is difficult to pick out a favourite.  In the corner beyond, in the Dry Temperate Zone, you might catch the last few days of flower of a pink, fluffy shrub Calliandra sollei


I'm sure there are many more beautiful pink blooms to spot in the Garden, and when the sun shines there isn't a nicer way to spend than to be here to admire them. 


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