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Change underground at Wisley

Posted by Sara Draycott on 14 Jul 2010 at 03:16 PM

Hello.  I'm Sara, and I work in the Information and Interpretation section at RHS Garden Wisley.  We, as a team, put our effort into explaining the stories behind the plants, showing the visitors why things are the way they are, and highlighting specific plants or parts of the garden that you don't want to miss.  Part of what we do is looking after the Root Zone in the Glasshouse.



The Root Zone is a cave-like room that you'll find in the middle of the Glasshouse.  It's pretty dark inside, which makes it all the more intriguing, especially to our younger visitors.  Dark, but not scary.  There is a lot of information about what goes on under ground level in the land of roots, invertebrates, mammals and so on.  It's really interesting (though I would say that, I guess). There are buttons to press, games to play, films to watch and interactive screens, plus artworks and lots of information.


Last month, the Glasshouse was three years old.  We celebrated in the Root Zone by installing four brand new touch screen kiosks.  With bright green LED lights they add a special subterranean glow, and we think they look pretty good.  What do you think?


This is the first stage in a program of updates we'll be introducing into the Root Zone to keep it refreshed and relevant to both new and regular visitors.  We hope you'll take time to come and have a look. 


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