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Not quite a hedge, but a 'Fedge' by Peter Earl

Posted by sheiladearing on 21 Mar 2013 at 04:11 PM

Next time you are near the PBLC site, look out for the newly planted ‘fedge’; it’s a cross between a fence and a hedge, made of willow and you can see it contouring around the Willow bed.

This bed was planted up last winter with a selection of hard wood cuttings, and they have established well in what was a very wet year.

There are about 15 varieties, with differing vigour, habits and colours. The willow from the beds has now been harvested (as it will be each year), and some of the long straight stems have been used to form the new fedge, which should soon start to leaf out. Then it will be clipped through the year to keep it in check and to maintain the geometric design.


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