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Ornamental Prunus are looking great!

Posted by sheiladearing on 18 Feb 2013 at 10:06 AM

I was walking round the garden earlier in the week and noticed how wonderful our early flowering Prunus were looking. I spotted the first one on approaching the Herb Garden from the Stream Field. This is the beautiful white blossomed Prunus mume 'Omoi-no-mama' (Japanese apricot); a small tree that is in its prime when everything else in the Herb garden is still to get going.


 Prunus mume 'Omoi-no-mama'


On this occasion I made my way to Lady Anne’s Garden and another Prunus could be seen a good distance away as a splash of colour in an otherwise green and brown border. As with all these small early flowering trees, the dark pink blossom of Prunus mume 'Beni-shidare' is borne on bare branches before the first leaves.


 Prunus mume 'Beni-Shidare'


Again, in Lady Anne’s Garden, we have  Prunus 'Kursar' AGM; a specimen that has been delighting us for many years and is on Lady Anne’s records of having been planted by Collingwood ‘Cherry’ Ingram, (an authority on Japanese flowering cherries) in 1965. This has dark pink saucer shaped flowers borne in clusters of 3-4.


 Prunus 'Kursar' AGM


Whereas the spring bulbs and early flowering herbaceous perennials such as hellebores and pulmonarias are essential ground level elements in the garden at this time of year, the ornamental Prunus offer something more; a mass of bloom above head height that can be appreciated from the house without going out into the cold!


If you would like to grow a Prunus check the link for more ideas about small ornamental cherry trees.


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