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Rosemoor Garden

Recent Comments

  • Breaking the of January by Peter Adams

    sheiladearing on 31 Jan 2013 at 02:21 PM

    At the beginning of January, we decided to give the allotment plots in the Peter Buckley Learning Centre (PBLC) vegetable growing area a spruce up for this year’s growing season by boarding out each plot.

    The vegetable growing area has multiple uses; however the main one is by Rosemoor’s own community allotment course. We offer ten plots to members of the local community to come and learn the skills they need to successfully grow their own veg. For £50 each, the allotment keepers are given a small plot of ground, all the tools and equipment and the manure and compost they require. The seeds are generously donated by Thompson and Morgan for each plot holder. The allotment keepers also receive one tutorial a month from one of the fruit and veg. team on what they need to be doing at that time of year, from soil cultivation and seed sowing to pest and diseases to harvesting their crops which they get to keep and enjoy. The course runs from February through to October, with a new group of people starting each year.


  • Magical Witch Hazels by James Shepherd

    sheiladearing on 18 Jan 2013 at 11:53 AM

    The mild weather before and immediately after Christmas has hastened the flowering of many of the shrubs in the Winter Garden at Rosemoor and the Hamamelis, or witch hazels, have been putting on an especially dazzling display of colour.

    Pale yellow-flowered Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Arnold Promise’ AGM and red-flowered H. x intermedia ‘Diane’ AGM are two of the star performers in the Winter Garden, although neither has the strong, spicy fragrance of H. x intermedia ‘Pallida’ AGM


  • No Hedge to High by John Bridge

    sheiladearing on 03 Jan 2013 at 09:03 AM

    For the last few years we have been finding a new innovative way of cutting the tops of our ‘New Garden’ hedges. With the hedges slowly creeping up each year and the difficult access, coupled with the various dangers of using ladders; using a hired M.E.W.P (Mobile Elevated Work Platform)or cherry picker known to some, saves time, effort and  increases productivity.

    Armed with risk assessments, cones and more safety barriers than you can shake a stick at, our team of trained operatives begin work