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Rosemoor Garden

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  • A Christmas Spruce by Andrew Lane

    sheiladearing on 21 Dec 2012 at 02:19 PM

    It’s that beautiful time of year once again, where frosty mists hang in the valleys; roaring fires keep the cold out and warm our toes; and many people decorate a traditional Christmas tree with lights and baubles to brighten up the long nights.

    At RHS Garden Rosemoor however, it’s a slight variation on a theme. Instead of a warm cosy fire in the grate, it is blazing bonfires and instead of decorating a quaint little spruce, we’re burning them! This is a continuation of our on-going battle against the dreaded Great Spruce Bark Beetle (Dendroctonus micans)


  • Fencing in the Car Park by Sally Cosgrove

    sheiladearing on 12 Dec 2012 at 08:37 AM

    Over the course of a weekend a few of the garden staff started the first phase of an upgrade to Rosemoor’s car park. Our job was to erect fencing around a section of the perimeter of the car park, leaving walk-through gaps for easy access to the picnic tables on the grass. The new fencing will prevent cars from driving onto the surrounding lawn areas which ruins the edge and turns the grass into mud. Any sturdy fence can be used for this job but we chose wooden knee-high fencing, or bird mouth fencing, as it is solid, leaves a neat finish and isn’t so high as to block a view.

    The first part of the project was to ensure that precise measurements were made so that the fence posts were the correct distances apart. We used a motorised earth auger to create neat holes for the posts to go in. An auger is a drilling device that, due to its rotating screw blade, is able to remove the earth that is being drilled. Despite this, one of us needed to be on hand with a small shovel to remove any excess soil. Some of the drilling on the edge of the road was tough in places as the ground was incredibly stony. Perseverance was key, however, as to avoid a wonky fence it was important to make sure that all of the holes were at the same level