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The British Pteridological Society comes to Rosemoor! Hoorah! by Penny King

Posted by sheiladearing on 20 Nov 2012 at 12:25 PM

On 5th October at Rosemoor Garden, it was FREE Friday!

Free Friday offers the public a chance to come and experience the wonderful garden of Rosemoor without paying the usual entry fee at this special event.

An added attraction for visitors was the stands from various plant societies which were held in the marquee.


 Stand of the British Pteridological Society with Matt Stribley, Nick and Eleanor Hards.

I was very pleased to visit the stand of The British Pteridological Society. This is a group which was founded in 1891 for fern enthusiasts. It is a must for anyone interested in ferns and other Pteridophytes and membership includes amateur and professional gardeners, botanists and nurserymen.

The society offers a wealth of information on the official  website at Becoming a member offers benefits such as formal and informal meetings, garden visits, plant exchange, spore exchange and fern book sales. The society publishes journals, The Fern Gazette and Bulletin annually.

I was very pleased to meet Matt Stribley who is the Cornwall Branch Regional Organiser. I also met Nick Hards who is a member of the meetings committee and Eleanor Hards who is a member. I learned a lot from them and they were kind enough to give me some ferns for future planting in Lady Anne’s Garden at Rosemoor.

They were on hand to offer the visitors limitless information and share their valuable knowledge. They provided ferns on display for hands-on learning and discussion. Also there was official merchandise for sale.

One word: Ferntastic!

by Penny King


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