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Nuthatches in Lady Anne’s Garden by Penny King

Posted by sheiladearing on 20 Nov 2012 at 01:43 PM

Rosemoor plays host to many interesting birds throughout the year, both resident and migrating. On many occasions, whilst tending to the pot displays on the Veranda of Rosemoor House,  I have witnessed visits from our nuthatches. Here are some photos I took for you to have a look at…

This bird is particularly fascinating to see as it is extremely quick and can climb head down as well as up! It’s colourings are beautiful; A cinnamon buff underside, slate grey back and a black stripe which runs along the side of the head.  It tends to be a little bossy and quite often the smaller birds make a quick exit when it arrives but on this particular day they all seemed quite tolerant of each other! It was quite cold and they were very hungry…

 Mixing with some coaltits


Caught in full flight!

You can see many interesting birds around the whole garden on the bird feeders provided. Try the Brash, the Orchard of the Fruit and Vegetable Garden and the feeders next to the Cottage Garden. Late morning is a good time, Greater Spotted Woodpeckers particularly like the Brash feeder.

Come and visit Lady Anne’s Garden, the original and oldest part of Rosemoor and see the nuthatches for yourself!

Photos and blog by Penny King


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