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Rosemoor Garden

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  • Apple Day

    admin on 19 Oct 2012 at 03:21 PM

    On Sunday 7 October RHS Garden Rosemoor held another popular Apple Day. One of the stars of the show had to be Hallwood Farm Fresh Veg and their lovely pigs.

    Throughout the day on Sunday there were two orchard pigs in the Fruit Garden Field to entertain and educate visitors, kindly bought by Richard and Ruth Kelsey of Hallwood Fresh Veg. When these pigs arrived in the morning they were nameless so numerous families entered a competition to name them, the prize was a case of Rosemoor Apple Juice. Judged by Rosemoor’s Events Team and Peter Earl, Horticultural Team Leader of the Fruit and Veg Garden Team the winning names are … drum roll please … Rooter and Hooter by the Wilkins Family of Taunton, Somerset


  • Removal of the Box Hedges in the Queen Mother’s Rose Garden by James Shepherd

    admin on 19 Oct 2012 at 03:06 PM

    Visitors to Rosemoor over the past few weeks will have noticed that the box hedges in the centre of the Queen Mother’s Rose Garden have been removed. The hedges had been showing symptoms of box blight for a while, but the amount of die-back had recently reached the point where the hedges were looking unsightly and the decision to remove them had to be made.

    Box blight is a disease of box plants caused by two different fungi. In all cases the leaves will turn brown and fall, leaving bare patches. In some cases black streaks will appear on the young stems and they will then die back


  • Ferny Fun at Rowden Garden Nusery by Penny King

    admin on 19 Oct 2012 at 02:24 PM

    Sometimes, working as a Gardener at Rosemoor, I get the chance to visit specialist nurseries to source unusual plants.

    Jonathan Hutchinson and I travelled to Rowden Gardens located at , Brentor, Tavistock,  to visit John and Galen Carter. They have run a specialist nursery of rare and unusual aquatic, damp loving and herbaceous plants for some years now. It is a well-respected nursery (visits by appointment only - and we have used them on many occasions over the years