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No Milling About by David Perry

Posted by sheiladearing on 11 Sep 2012 at 09:27 AM

We have just had a ‘Lucas’ sawmill hired in to mill oak trees that have been harvested or removed from the garden during recent years. Those of us from the garden team that helped run the mill with operator Ross; contracted in from ‘Woodmanship’ based in Haldon Forest, were a bit frazzled by the time we packed up at 6:30pm on the third day! 

We managed to mill a good number of trunks  before re-building the mill around the 18ft by 4ft ‘stick’, as Ross referred to it, pictured below.


The mill has a 4.5ft long blade chainsaw attachment, which enabled us to cut, at a ‘steady’ pace, some full width table & bench tops. We will now be able to build additional chunky, long life benched seating and picnic tables in our lower woodlands and ‘Copse’ respectively.


The other key project we have produced timber for is a new shelter to go in the ‘Copse’, our new play & learn area in Lady Anne’s garden. We cut an assortment of dimensioned lengths to give us plenty of creative scope for the design of the building, and the beauty of the grain within the heartwood of the trees we have milled is something to behold, and has given us beams, purlins, bearers & braces that will be in existence long after many of us!

David Perry, Garden Manager


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