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Tomato Leaf Problems by Peter Adams

Posted by sheiladearing on 13 Aug 2012 at 02:11 PM


Visitors to the allotment area at the Peter Buckley Learning Centre here at RHS Rosemoor may have seen some unusual damage that has occurred to the leaves of the tomato plants. We planted 64 plants as part of a trail in the polytunnel, however in recent weeks we have witnessed some strange distortions occurring.

We believe this to be due to residues of weed killer that may have been imported on manure, which we have double dug into the ground in the tunnel.  We then planted the tomatoes into this prepared ground; fern like foliage and tightly curled leaves along with distorted stems are just some of the symptoms of weed killer damage that we have seen in recent weeks. 

Further information about weed killers in manures can be found here


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