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Trials and Celebrations

Posted by Beth McClure on 31 May 2012 at 03:32 PM

Lettuce takes on a starring role at Rosemoor this growing season. Whilst continuing to supply the restaurant with the first freshly harvested crops, the fruit and vegetable team have also been busy planting over 1000 lettuce plug plants that were grown from seed on the nursery. 

Many of these formed part of the Rosemoor contribution to the RHS-wide trial of 45 different cos and gem lettuce cultivars.  Just one of 28 plant trials taking place in 2012/13 for the RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM), the lettuce will be assessed on criteria such as size, colour, density, uniformity and disease resistance.


Located next to the community allotment area, the Rosemoor trial bed is securely fenced-off for rabbit protection and growth looks good, despite the dry spell. 

If that wasn’t enough lettuce to be going on with, as soon as the trial was planted, Pete Earl, Team Leader in the Fruit and Vegetable Department, embarked on the challenge of creating a lettuce Union Flag to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. With a creative use of six lettuce cultivars in shades of red and green, the absence of blue and white varieties was easily overcome. 


Sarah and I tentatively plant-up the flag in the Fruit and Vegetable Garden, trying to place our feet in the rapidly-diminishing spaces.


Not content with a flag alone and with a few spares leftover, Pete added the finishing touch with a lettuce ‘Jubilee’.  Come and see how the trial and flag progress when you’re next at Rosemoor.


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