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Aster La Vista Cotoneaster…by John Bridge

Posted by sheiladearing on 21 May 2012 at 12:10 PM

The overflow car park has served its purpose over the years but its appearance has become somewhat overgrown and congested. What with the many on-going projects and focus generally elsewhere in the up-keep of the garden, it’s been one of our least prioritised areas. There was a window of opportunity in early January to get the team together and get to grips with the area, work has since been on-going to get it back to a more manageable state.
The pictures below show the various steps we took to restore order…

A panned out view of the area, a beautiful selection of shrubs and trees but definitely room for improvement.

This gives a good idea of the volume of growth put on over the years. Dave found this old no entry sign amongst the deepest depths of the Cotoneaster which used to mark the point of no return for one way traffic.

The Cotoneaster was removed as it was far too over grown to be trimmed back, it could have been cut back to the base and reformed as individual shrubs but we decided to start again with some fresh updated planting.


Once through the outer foliage there was a labyrinth of bramble and thick shoots all knotted together, it was a puzzle to dismantle.

We used the hedge cutter to cut back thinner areas of overgrowth; this saved a fair bit of time, Old contractor’s tricks.

 A well selected heavy mob from left to right: Dave Squires, John Bridge and Pete Adams.

 After the Cotoneaster was removed; lots of space was freed up for new plantings.


The big burn up begins; this seemed the quickest and easiest method to remove the brash, and this picture gives an idea of how much there was.

The maintenance boys drop their paint brushes and get involved; they never miss a good burn up.

Phil Scott skilfully digs out the rest of the Cotoneaster and the stumps were taken down the quarry.


Train sleepers were installed to mark the new boundary line for parking. Here’s the team setting in the sleepers and using hard-core to reinforce the hard standing. 

Star volunteer and general West Country legend Mark Crumpton steps in to lend a hand.

The finished line separating cars from the shrub border.

The finished space mulched , edged and fixed up with some fresh easy care plantings , a real improvement and much more manageable in future.  A good team effort from all involved……. until next time. 


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