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Out at last!

Posted by sheiladearing on 14 Mar 2012 at 01:53 PM

The new information boards for the Bicentenary Arboretum have at last been put in position.

 Information board for Europe and West Asia

These boards are important to give visitors some understanding of how the trees and shrubs are grouped according to where in the world they have come from.

They took a surprisingly long time to get right; natural vegetation patterns are very complicated and difficult to summarise in just a few sentences without boring the reader! Pictures had to be taken or sourced and placed in the correct positions on the maps (more research!). Then there were the emails flying back and forth between myself and the printers Creation Design with corrections and changes; Trevor and Teresa were incredibly patient and helpful.

The hand made frames and stands by Bideford Joinery set them off a treat.

So, take a walk around the Bicentenary Arboretum and I hope you will be able to see more clearly the logic behind the planting and now that most of the thinning has been completed, this area of the garden will become more enticing and less of a backwater.

 Sheila Dearing


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