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The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side: A PBLC Update

Posted by sheiladearing on 24 Nov 2011 at 09:10 AM

The Peter Buckley Learning Centre (PBLC) here at Rosemoor took another step forward last week, as another area turned from bare topsoil to a more attractive, greener environment.

How???  Well, with the help of over 150 square metres of turf that has appeared on the seating space in the allotment plots and the wildlife garden. Over the past few weeks Pete Earl and myself have laid four paved surfaces on to which picnic benches will sit, surrounding this was bare soil, which doesn’t make an ideal surface to enjoy the area. So, earlier last week pallet loads of turf arrived and we  rolled out roll after roll of turf on to what a few weeks ago was a far from perfect  ground that resembled a building site. But with some hard work and more soil, we turned it into something that is far more suited to turf laying.

Paved surfaces for the picnic benches have gone down

Laying the turf

The benches have been placed in their positions

Meanwhile the Wildlife Garden has also taken a step forward, the bank which runs up to the teaching terrace is in the process of being turned into a wildflower meadow, with lots of assistance from my colleagues, who have helped rake soil and plant wildflower plug plants over the bank.

Since then it has been over sown with a special grass seed mix, specially put together to ensure it doesn’t out compete the slower growing wild flowers. To finish it off further, yet more turf has been laid around the edges of the meadow. The turf edges will be kept mown to keep pathways clear. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the wildlife garden, excavations have begun on the wildlife pool that will take shape over the forth coming months.

Keep watching the PBLC site as many more projects develop in the next few months.


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