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A Touch of Glass - by Beth McClure

Posted by sheiladearing on 07 Nov 2011 at 09:43 AM

Rosemoor’s nursery has seen an exciting development with the arrival of a large, reconditioned glasshouse from Holland.  The 384,00m2 structure replaces three polytunnels that had served a commendable twenty years of service, but were struggling to protect Rosemoor’s more tender plants in the face of recent winter temperatures down to -15ْ C.  A combination of bubble wrap, fleece and gas hot box heaters thankfully kept losses to a minimum, but when the time came to re-skin some of the tunnels this year, it was clear that an energy-efficient glasshouse could make a real difference to the nursery’s operation.


3 unsuspecting polytunnels


Deconstruction begins

A team effort and some fine weather saw the site cleared in less that a week and within a fortnight, the impressive outline of the new glasshouse emerged. 


I thought my flat pack wardrobe was complicated!


The finished framework, complete with energy-saving thermal screens, automated ventilation and a larger blower gas heater should help to keep overnight temperatures above 3ْ C. Benches and concrete paths are still to be added, but with ominous rumours of another icy winter in store, it sounds like the glasshouse will soon be put to the test.


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