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Posted by sheiladearing on 20 Oct 2011 at 10:22 AM

Now is a good time to tie –in the summer fruiting raspberries before the bad weather arrives. Loose canes are easily damaged in windy weather if they are not tied in. Once the fruiting wood has been removed, preferably soon after they have finished fruiting, loosely tie in the new wood; do not tie in tightly to the wire at this stage because the new wood is rather fragile and liable to break.

Once the wood has matured from September to October onwards they can be tied in tightly to the supports. We use the single fence system at Rosemoor. It’s simple to use and cheap to erect the supporting structure.

The new canes can be tied in 3-4 inches apart. I prefer to tie in 4-6 inches apart as this allows more air movement around the canes and helps to prevent disease and also gives better quality fruit, but a lot depends on cultivar and vigour.  Either tie in each cane separately, or, as we do at Rosemoor secure the canes by continuous lacing using a suitable string. I prefer a 5-ply natural jute filis. This string is idea as it is soft enough not to damage the canes and strong enough to last a whole year or longer. You do not want the string breaking half way through cropping the following year. This is a good all purpose string which we use for most jobs in the garden.

If the canes are taller than the top wire the tops can be turned over in a half circle and tied back into the wire. This stops them waving about through the winter. In late winter, around February time, these can be cut to a bud 6 inches above the top wire.

Garry Preston


SUMMER FRUITING RASPBERRIES by Garry Preston | Gardening News said:

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