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If you go down to the Winter Garden today……

Posted by sheiladearing on 10 Aug 2011 at 03:27 PM

You may be in for a big surprise, because over the past few weeks we have been doing a fair bit of thinning-out of overgrown shrubs and trees.

After 19 years, a number of the trees and shrubs in the Winter Garden had outgrown their allotted space and were either blocking the paths or growing into neighbouring plants.  We decided it was time to remove or prune some of these overgrown plants in order to give the remaining plants more space, allow more sunlight into the garden and create some space for new planting. 

With the help of Fran and Kate, two exchange students from RHS Garden Harlow Carr and the Chelsea Physic Garden respectively, we cut down the selected trees and shrubs and then removed the stumps and as many of the roots as possible.  Although digging out the stumps can be quite hard work, it should help to minimise the likelihood of honey fungus taking hold.

We have now dug over the cleared areas and forked in a generous helping of compost, in preparation for re-planting in the autumn.

We shall use a mix of Hamamelis, Skimmia, Daphne, Pieris, Mahonia and early flowering Rhododendron in the spaces we have created and hopefully they will soon be providing a fine display of colourful and scented flowers.

Looking towards the Winter Shelter


 Better access along the path now that we have cleared the way!

James Shepherd


If you go down to the Winter Garden today?????? | Gardening News said:

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