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Great Spruce Bark Beetle at Rosemoor

Posted by sheiladearing on 28 Mar 2011 at 03:31 PM

About a year ago we noticed that a few of our sitka spruce [Picea sitchensis] were dying. After closer inspection and some research we identified the cause as being great spruce bark beetle.  We then took advice from the forestry commission on immediate action. We were told to leave as many trees standing as possible and they would come down and survey the site with a view to releasing a predator beetle [Rhizophagus grandis] to combat the great spruce beetle [Dendroctonus micans]. These were released in June 2010 and we are hoping to see a decrease in the no’s of infected trees over the next two years.

In November we surveyed the lower woodland and identified 40 + trees to be removed. So while the lower woodland walk was still closed due to our new education centre building works, we took the opportunity to remove the dead or badly infected ones.

We are expecting to have to repeat this process for the next couple of years until populations of the predator can keep the spruce bark beetle under control. Below are some pictures of the last of this year’s quota being dismantled. The wood from the trees will be burned in the super efficient wood burner in our new education centre after it has been seasoned for twelve months or so.


The spruce was dismantled as opposed to being felled as most of the others were, as it was within The Brash - our picnic and play area and we wanted to limit damage.


Watch this space to see what happens to the stump! It was left high for a good reason


The team working on this tree were Jonathan Hutchinson, Beth McClure who also supplied the photos for this blog and the monkey up the tree was me Rod Knight 

Rod Knight


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