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PBLC update

Posted by sheiladearing on 04 Mar 2011 at 10:54 AM

Stacey’s, the contractors, who are building the Learning Centre Terrace have ‘stoned-out’, built block retaining walls and set out the shuttering where the raised beds and planting pockets will be. And today – Friday – they will start to pour concrete over the site, between the shuttered beds; this will be for laying slabs on later.

Working on the Teaching Terrace

Meanwhile, we have been making good use of a dry week, ‘soiling up’ the wider landscape with two mini-diggers and two big dumpers. We have been breaking up the sub-soil and spreading top soil and our own garden compost.

Spreading soil on the site

And finally it is ‘goodbye’ to our spoil heap which has been dominating the Smelly field landscape for a few years now. I think it started when we built the Marquee Terrace and has been added to ever since, most noticeably when the footprint of the PBLC was dug out. It was becoming a bit of a liability and potentially a very expensive problem to get rid of. But we have found a good home for it at Torrington Golf Club who are doing some major landscaping. So this week a huge swing shovel and a fleet of lorries has been shrinking the pile (which was in excess of a thousand tonnes) and the spoil will soon become the new 7th Fairway and Green.



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