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3348 Bricks Later

Posted by sheiladearing on 11 Feb 2011 at 09:30 AM

After 2 months and 3348 bricks, the new pathway in the rear vegetable garden is now open; this completes the program of renewing the paths throughout the vegetable garden from gravel to more practical hard surfaces. Utilising several left over pallets of bricks from when the other paths in the vegetable garden were paved, Pete Earl and myself; with further assistance from Rod Knight, James Brenan and Katy Elton, have finally completed the path which was only ever planned to be closed from visitors for a couple of weeks.
On the first weekend duty of the New Year, Pete, Rod and I set to and prepared the site which had already been excavated earlier in December. We levelled the hardcore surface to just below the concrete footing which Pete and I had poured earlier in the week. We then added a layer of sand over the top and ran over the plate compactor to compact it down.


Bricks being laid in a running bond. The depth board can be seen to the right.

Over the following few weeks Pete began to lay bricks on a bed of mortar on the concrete footings to give a solid edge to work to, and as soon as the mortar was set, I followed along laying the bricks in a running bond (laid end to end) onto another layer of un-compacted sand. This had been graded to the correct depth using a board that was cut to produce the depth required to allow the bricks to sit slightly proud of where the finished surface was to be. Laying of the bricks continued for several days spread over a couple of weeks, with assistance coming in the form of a couple of half day sessions from James and Katy.

                                            Making progress 

After laying all 3348 bricks several sacks of kiln dried sand were poured over the new path and swept in to the spaces between the bricks, swiftly followed by the plate compacter with a rubber belt fitted to the plate to prevent the machine from damaging the brick surface; however it still managed to crack one or two weaker bricks which had to be carefully removed and replaced.

                  The pathway is now open to visitors 

February the 3rd 2011 arrived and we decided to re-open the path to visitors, and now all we need is a few days of dry weather so that we can add more dried sand to permanently set the bricks in place.

If you should find yourself down near the vegetable garden please pop your head in and have a look at our new path.


Peter Adams


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