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Rosemoor Garden

Recent Comments

  • Otter in the Lake

    sheiladearing on 28 Feb 2011 at 11:11 AM

    Little did I know the treat in store as I drove to work this morning. It all started when Helen radio’d to say that there was an otter in the lake. So I hot footed it from Lady Anne’s Garden where I was taking photo’s, to find Helen gazing over to the far bank of the lake. ‘It’s just been swimming up and down’ she said – typical I thought; missed it by just a few minutes! So, I went back to the office, and just as I was about to eat my orange, there was another call from Phil to say that the otter was in the lake again, so off I went (not so far this time!) and found Phil and Pete watching an otter happily swimming around the lake looking for fish (most of which the mink has already had!). As I watched, it started jumping out of the water and put on a wonderful display – by this time Phil and Pete had gone back to work and I was the only one to see it! I took lots of photo’s; most of which showed just a brown dot in the middle of the lake but and here is the best one.


  • Exciting development in 'The Brash'

    sheiladearing on 24 Feb 2011 at 09:45 AM

    The new woodland shelter in the Brash has been completed this week and it looks perfect. It was built for us by a local man; Ben May (who has a forest crafts business) with his assistant Jake and two of Ben’s WWOOFers Chris and Ben.


  • 3348 Bricks Later

    sheiladearing on 11 Feb 2011 at 09:30 AM

    After 2 months and 3348 bricks, the new pathway in the rear vegetable garden is now open; this completes the program of renewing the paths throughout the vegetable garden from gravel to more practical hard surfaces. Utilising several left over pallets of bricks from when the other paths in the vegetable garden were paved, Pete Earl and myself; with further assistance from Rod Knight, James Brenan and Katy Elton, have finally completed the path which was only ever planned to be closed from visitors for a couple of weeks.
    On the first weekend duty of the New Year, Pete, Rod and I set to and prepared the site which had already been excavated earlier in December. We levelled the hardcore surface to just below the concrete footing which Pete and I had poured earlier in the week. We then added a layer of sand over the top and ran over the plate compactor to compact it down.