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Changes in the Winter Garden

Posted by sheiladearing on 22 Dec 2010 at 12:49 PM

Those of you brave enough to venture out to Rosemoor during the recent cold weather may well have seen some changes happening in the Winter Garden. 

After some debate, the weeping ash (Fraxinus excelsior ‘Pendula’ AGM) on the south west side of the Winter Garden lawn was recently felled.  Although it was undoubtedly a fine tree, with a striking winter outline, it had outgrown its allotted space and in the summer its wide-spreading canopy almost completely enveloped the plants in the bed below. 

We felled the tree in two stages: first of all the upper branches were removed using a pole saw and a Henchman hi-step mobile platform, then the lower branches were removed and the trunk reduced in height using a chain saw.  We are hoping to be able to remove the stump before too long using a mini-digger.


 This is me removing the upper branches

By removing the ash we have not only introduced some light to the bed beneath, we have also created a planting opportunity and hope to be able to plant a small tree, perhaps one of the snake-bark maples, at the southern corner of the bed.

On the other side of the path, between the two new entrances to the Peter Buckley Learning Centre, the bed is being cleared in preparation for replanting.  Some of the existing shrubs and herbaceous plants in the bed will be found new homes elsewhere in the garden. 

The new planting in the bed will comprise cultivars of British native species in order to demonstrate the garden potential of native plants.  The planting is designed to provide structure and interest throughout the year, with a plant mix that complements the Winter Garden and the nearby Model Shade Garden.  We are also hoping to take the opportunity to introduce some plants that are not already represented at Rosemoor.

The planting plan is in the process of being prepared and we have marked out the provisional positions of the trees and shrub groups on the bed using canes and poles.

Once the planting plan has been finalised we will let you know which plants we have selected.

James Shepherd


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