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New paths in the Fruit and Vegetable Garden

Posted by sheiladearing on 01 Dec 2010 at 01:52 PM

The paths in the fruit and vegetable garden are a mixture of brick pavers and gravel. The gravel paths are difficult to keep clean and scour out badly on the slopes when it rains so we decided to tarmac these paths, there was just enough money in the roads and paths budget if we prepared the paths ourselves for the tarmac contractors. 

So me, Garry and Katy were joined by John Bridge, with a special guest appearance by Mr Trevor Mills on the mini-digger, we spent the week scraping the top off of the paths then fine tuning the levels to leave them exactly 40mm below our finished level – that allows for 40mm of tarmac to be laid.

 John preparing for the tarmac


I finished this preparation with Rod and James on week-end duty and then on Monday and Tuesday we had two good days for the tarmac gang to lay the tarmac. The access is all very tight so it was all barrow work – but they did a good job and if you haven’t seen the new paths yet then please come and have a look – it is a big improvement.


  Contractors laying the tarmac  Our lovely new tarmaced paths 

And this week we have started on the final piece of our path jigsaw

which is the long path behind the wall – so the digger has returned and we are preparing to lay a brick path using bricks left over when we bricked the main paths two years ago.


 Preparing for the new brick path


Pete Earl



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