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Mission Impossible!

Posted by sheiladearing on 02 Nov 2010 at 02:14 PM

For months I’ve watched Rosemoor’s new Learning Centre rise into being with all the associated and various machinery noises and vehicle comings and goings. Much has gone on behind closed gates and electric fences with access limited to the chosen few, each wearing all the safety gear with the trademark bright yellow overjacket. 

With building work nearing its end I wondered if I would ever get the chance to get on site and join the elite ‘Yellowjackets!’ Then last week it happened, I got the call, picked up my yellow jacket, and waited by the gate. There was no ceremony, no salute from the site foreman and no patriotic anthem, which was a bit disappointing really, the gate was pulled open and along with my colleagues Phil, Helen and James, we trudged in. The mission was a daunting one, ‘Take out an area of bracken and brambles, take no prisoners, and eradicate all opposition!”

 The 'Yellowjackets' clearing bracken and brambles The area to be secured, or, in laymans terms, dug over and cleared was definitely high profile…in front of the new building and beneath the canopy of an old oak tree, itself the main focal point in Rosemoor’s formal garden.It was hard going but the weather held and within a couple of days the semi-circle of ground looked much better. We did our best not to disturb the patches of wood anemone, and popped back any bluebell bulbs we found. Over the next few months we will plant primroses, hellebores, snakeshead fritillaries, native daffodils and ferns, all of which will complement not just the native oak and nearby hedgebank but the Learning Centre too. A short mission, true, but a vital one…. and I will always be a “Yellowjacket!”. David Squire.



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