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Rumble In The Jungle…

Posted by sheiladearing on 24 Aug 2010 at 10:46 AM



It’s that time of year again! The school holidays! The kids are getting restless; parents are pulling out their hair trying to keep them amused. What better to do so than with a few weeks of family fun days to entertain the crowds down at Rosemoor; with action packed events and activities everyday.
My focus was on Wednesday 11th of august when, with the help of my brother Rich, we hosted two open air musical sessions throughout the day, where visitors to the garden were encouraged to join in. Due to nice weather the event took place in the woodland picnic area ‘The Brash’. We had a very impressive turn out including familiar faces that attended last years bash.

The sessions started with an introduction to African drumming. A Musical demonstration took place before getting the kids and parents involved, arming them with drums and shakers to play along; starting with a simple beat at first allowing Rich to play over the top on the Australian instrument “Didgeridoo”. Rich then gave a short speech on its history and culture before moving on with the next part of the show.

For the next part we took our audience on a musical tour introducing many more world wide instruments. We let the kids have a guess at each country of origin. Mongolia was first were Rich played some Trance music on his Jaw harp, Egypt and Brazil came shortly after, where we taught Samba and Egyptian rhythms on the drums. This went down a storm and very amusingly inspired some of the parents to try their hand at belly dancing! we also handed out cow bells and triangles to involve our audience further. Other countries visited were Ireland, America and Norway.
We finished off by letting the kids have a musical jam of their own, involving nearly all of the instruments. Myself and Rich walked around giving guidance and one-to-one tuition where needed. All participants left with gleaming smiles and warm musical glows, hopefully inspired to take up an instrument of their own; all in all a brilliant day.

Another musical day took place on Tuesday the 17th of August where I was able to lead more African drumming circles throughout the day. This was held in the marquee due to bad weather! But this did not spoil the event and was still all round good fun…here’s some pictures of the event…

Starring Johny Bongo and Rich the Didge


John Bridge


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