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Heavy Metal…

Posted by sheiladearing on 10 Aug 2010 at 10:20 AM

This month at Rosemoor sees though the completion of the installation of metal edging around the stream field. Installing metal edging has been an ongoing project since the garden was built with only a few areas left to finish, such as the New Garden shrubberies.


Me and James with a section of metal edging

The metal edging is made up and used around the garden for ease of maintenance. It forms a discrete divide between the border and the lawns, making re-cutting edges a thing of the past.

Whilst it is possible to buy ready made edging, we are fortunate to have the necessary skills in the team to make our own. Trevor Mills stars as our chief engineer once again during project work.

Six metre metal strips, box section and round bar lengths have been bought in from a local steel supplier. These are then fabricated by the garden team. The box sections are welded on to the strips every two feet to leave inserts, allowing cut bars to be hammered into the ground to fix the metal strips in place.


Trevor welding

Before laying the pre-made edging, a bit of preparation work is required; digging a narrow trench at the required depth, using a template as a guide. The trenches need to be just wide enough to allow the metal edging to be bolted together. Nimble fingers are needed, not so easy during the last ice age we suffered over winter.

Jolly gardener James Shepherd assists with the digging of the trenches. This was pretty hard going especially when tree roots are involved. “The right man for the right job”.

This is me with Trevor's implement for making the holes for the spikes to hold the edging in place.

Laying metal edging is not really the easiest or most therapeutic gardening pastime. But with lots of hard work and determination it can be achieved. This will make future edging maintenance a walk in the park.

 Me and Trev Sledge hammering in all the iron bar fixings “good times”

By John Bridge…


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