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Rosemoor Garden

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    sheiladearing on 22 Jul 2010 at 03:43 PM

    We have spent the last few months planting areas across the garden this year not only for seasonal display in the form of tender perennials and annuals but also to replace the vast amount of plants we lost in the garden this winter. At first the task seemed not only heartbreaking but unachievable, but with a dedicated band of gardeners and a nursery that has produced a range of plants suitable to use as replacements, I feel we have achieved our goal.  Not many visitors would realise how hard our garden was really hit last winter: - it had to be with night temperatures of minus 15°C.

    So our nursery now needs replenishing to ensure that we have plants available for planting next spring. We always, at this time of year, propagate any plants that are not hardy enough to get through the winter outside, for example cuphea, helichysum and heliotropium; borderline candidates who just might not make it e.g Penstemon, artemisia and fuchsia and those plants that after about three years in our clay soil start to become tired, for example sages, lavenders and santolinas


  • Summer Roses

    sheiladearing on 20 Jul 2010 at 12:17 PM

    This is possibly the best that I have seen the roses here at Rosemoor, and it is difficult to exactly pin this down to any one reason, it could be the warm and dry summer or the change in some of our cultural practices.

    The Shrub Rose Garden has been a riot of colour since early June starting off with some of our most dependable roses such as the Gallica group probably best represented by Rosa ‘Tuscany Superb’, with its dark velvety blooms and its centre of golden stamens