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Care for Conifers

Posted by sheiladearing on 17 Mar 2010 at 12:38 PM

Having spent a not inconsiderable amount of money on two Abies magnifica plants, it was thought worthwhile to give them a sporting chance in the somewhat breezy South Arboretum.

Unseen beneath the soil level the rootballs were secured with the Platypus system of cable anchoring:

Seen from above, wire cables straddle the rootball and are secured by anchors driven into the ground.


 Octopus cable-anchoring of trees

These remain insitu. Above ground, as seen in the photograph, additional support in the form of rubber stays were provided, evenly spaced around the trunk. In time, these will be removed as the trees get established.

Finally, our man is seen cavorting with a Cooper Pegler sprayer. Anxious eyebrows were being raised but the sprayer contains nothing more toxic than S600 – an anti-transpirant to slow moisture loss and prevent dessication. If this cold air stream continues, this application will be repeated in about 5 weeks time.


Spraying with S600 anti-transpirant

Hopefully, in time, these Abies will indeed be magnifica!

Simon Holman


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