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There'snow stopping us!

Posted by sheiladearing on 14 Jan 2010 at 11:08 AM

With the temperature dropping to a bitter -15°C and the garden buried under a thick blanket of snow and ice, the garden team have been forced inside to catch up on various projects, sorting and un-cluttering.

One of these jobs is the refurbishment of our lovely staff room suite. A small budget has been granted enabling a few minor changes to the layout. With the help of the maintenance team, the small partition wall has been removed. This has created more space enabling a third computer terminal to be installed within the ante-room. On a much sadder note, the rearrangement of the lockers mean that the student plant identification will be relocated to the unheated outside vinery ‘how unfortunate’!

A nice coat of paint has been applied to clean up the rooms giving a fresh new look and a nice clean start to the year. Dulux farm house beige has been the colour of choice as well as magnolia, white and clover green for the doors and hatches.

Unfortunately if the cold front continues, we face a further sentence of cleaning and painting the ‘Heads’ (toilets – for those not familiar with nautical terms) – here’s hoping and praying for some warmer weather. Your community service comrades.


It was hot wearing the suits, but at least our uniforms could be kept paint free!


The choice of outfits had us all wondering if this is actually Rosemoor or Guantanamo Bay!

‘Oi, Oi,’ it’s the maintenance boys. Demolition is their mission! 

Report from your Community Service Comrades.


John Bridges


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