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Snowy Rosemoor

Posted by sheiladearing on 12 Jan 2010 at 03:38 PM

Here are a few pictures of Rosemoor in the snow:

The exotic garden looking more Antarctic. Who’s colder the tree fern or me?

Stone garden and its Japanese snow lantern, under Prunus ‘Kursar’

The mighty Rosemoor oaks in Lady Anne’s garden in the main lawn area.


Linhay in Lady Anne’s Arboretum

Approach to the veg garden

Lake and under pass gully area

Arbutus x andrachnoides with the sun on the stems in the Plantsman’s and Foliage garden {The photo doesn’t really even start to show how beautiful it looked!}

Looking through the main entrance to the hot garden, framing one of the sculptures on the sculpture trail

Shots through the winter garden, it really did look like a winter wonder land!


The Cottage Garden

Lady Anne’s garden in the Tulip Tree Lawn area. A shot of a Podocarpus totara with a dusting of snow and a Eucalyptus glaucescens towering above it

The gazebo in the Bi-Centenary arboretum.


Rod Knight


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