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New Pathway to the Lake

Posted by sheiladearing on 07 Dec 2009 at 02:40 PM

Over the past few weeks we have been undertaking an exciting new project down by the lake. The original pathways giving access to this area had become badly worn and the steps were proving difficult for many of our visitors, so it was time for a facelift. At the same time we wanted to make access to this area easier for wheelchair users and families with pushchairs. We have taken this opportunity to re-route the path, taking a gentler gradient and in so doing we have been able to lose the requirement for steps.
Pete, Trevor and Johnny B. have been busy removing the old path and installing the new one, along with metal edging and drainage; soon it will be ready for tarmac.
 Pete and Trevor digging out the old pathway

To save on materials, as the new path was dug out the soil put to one side, then the stone was taken from the old path to be re-used in the new path. The old path has become a border and has been filled in with the saved soil, so nothing has had to be removed from the site.

Drainage pipes have been laid

 A new path has also been taken into the woodland to link with The Brash and then eventually below the Formal Garden along the woodland edge to the Peter Buckley Education Centre, which will be built in spring 2010.


The path is ready for Tarmac

There is a still lot to do: a seating area has been installed by the lake which needs a low retaining wall; the area of grassland by the lake has been re-contoured which will need re-turfing, and the bog garden bed has been widened so more planting is required. Once this project is finished I think it will be a massive improvement to this area, thanks to the efforts of the gardeners who have undertaken this project, assisted by a donation from one of our supporters.

Helen Round


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