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"For they are Jolly Good Vollies" ( Part 1)

Posted by Rosemoor Garden on 29 Jun 2009 at 10:38 AM

On many occasions whilst working in the garden, many visitors have stopped me to pay compliment to all the gardeners of Rosemoor on how lovely the garden looks. I am always keen to tell them that we have a lot of help from our volunteers who come in on a regular basis and some choose to help out every month of the year. So, I thought I would give you an insight into who Lady Anne’s Garden volunteers actually are! These are just some of our friends of the garden...


Linda Bell – is a lady who always has a big smile on her face and has worked within the Mediterranean Garden for three years. She likes working on this area and enjoys the familiarity after spending so much time in this interesting part of the garden. This colourful and inspiring garden can be found to the right along the main drive towards Lady Anne’s House. Linda finds it particularly satisfying when she gets to complete a job and when I spoke to her back in March she was dead-wooding Rosmarinus officinalis 'Severn Sea'. This is an aromatic plant with pretty light blue flowers and one of her favourites. If you spot a bright pink kneeling pad, you know Linda is around!


Will Carlyon – enjoys the company of his colleagues and the peaceful surroundings of Lady Anne’s Garden where he is happy to lend a hand wherever it is needed. He has been helping to care for the garden for ten months and is a welcome addition to our team. He has worked in his own series of gardens on and off for the past 20 years and has enjoyed vegetable gardening saying “you can eat what you grow and it is always nice and fresh…” One of his favourite ornamental plants is Fascicularia bicolor, a terrestrial bromeliad with spiky green leaves which have red guidelines leading to a mass of powder blue flowers in the centre.


‘Cap'n’ Jack Hawkins – Not actually a real captain but the nick-name just sort of stuck! Jack has been a great help over the past two years and works with the team where needed. He especially likes the company whilst gardening with us and is a sociable soul with staff and visitors alike. He has enjoyed gardening for many years and he loves watching the birds which visit his garden at home whilst he sits and listens to the music of the group, Abba. If you here someone whistling a merry tune it is sure to be Jack!

 Prue and Martin
Prue Phillips – is a bubbly character and joined the team just over a year ago. She has spent some time on the woodland banks enjoying the more natural part of the garden and is happy working with the team when needed and always brings an air of fun in with her as well lots of elbow grease. She is currently tending the Exotic Garden in which we have been busy planting up all our unusual summer bedding. It looks a real treat. I must mention I have never known a gardener with such long nails and added a photo to prove it!

Prue's perfect nails!

Martin Wakefield - is a keen member of the team who spends his time keeping Lady Anne's Arboretum looking neat and tidy. He would eventually like a full-time career in horticulture and gained some experience whilst working at a Cranberry Farm in Canada. He is also undertaking the RHS General course in his own time which he is enjoying very much. He likes to help the team when we need extra 'hands-on-deck' and the social aspect of being a volunteer whilst gathering knowledge of the plants he works with. 

Denis Vickery – is a chirpy chap who has been working on the Main Lawn borders since 1992. He finds being a volunteer gives him a sense of personal achievement and he loves to watch the garden develop throughout the year. He feels that gardening is a very therapeutic and tranquil past-time and makes life more pleasing. In the 1960's Denis worked hard on his own allotment spanning an 8th of an acre in Warwickshire. He tackled its heavy clay soil with the help of a hollow-back spade and 2-tined fork and lots of elbow grease! He continues to use this enthusiasm for the benefit of Lady Anne's Garden.

Be sure to keep an eye open for part two of this blog - "And So Say All Of Us!" to catch up with more of our volunteers, Diana Goodacre, Diane Perry, Barbara Grzesiak, Jo Sampson and Pauline Buchanan.
So, as you can see, we really do get by with a little help from our friends and we would like to thank them all for all that they do!
Penny King, Lady Anne's Garden Team.


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