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Bring on the Boys!

Posted by Rosemoor Garden on 01 Jun 2009 at 04:22 PM

This week we have been busy planting our summer bedding which will provide our visitors with a colourful display throughout the summer season.

The plants we use are called tender perennials which live year after year in their native countries where they have milder winters such as South Africa and South America, but here are killed by our winter temperatures. We take cuttings every August and grow them on through the winter in a frost free poly tunnel and plant them out in may when all risk of frost has passed. We use argyranthemums, cannas, fuchsias, osteospermums, gazanias, salvias and pelargoniums to name but a few.

I have been planting out the bedding for a number of years and couldn’t resist a photoshoot as we have never before had an all male team taking on the planting, so ‘Bring on the Boys’, and the sun and let those flowers bloom!

Helen Round


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