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Easter Chicks!

Posted by Rosemoor Garden on 07 Apr 2009 at 11:56 AM

At Rosemoor we have been incubating four types of chicken eggs for the last 21 days - and this morning, our first chick hatched - right on time!

The newborn little chap is an Old English Pheasant Fowl, and is currently still in the incubator in the foyer, where he will spend his first day, absorbing his egg sack full of nutrients and drying his feathers out.

Tomorrow he will join his friends - who were born outside of Rosemoor at the weekend - in the brooder in the foyer. 


There is one other egg in the incubator that has already pipped, and some of the others are rocking, so we are expecting the rest to hatch over the next couple of days - it's all very exciting!

As well as the Old English Pheasant Fowl, we have Marsh Daisy, Blue Jersey Giant, Barnevelder and Black Scots Dumpy chicks.

So if you're in the area this Easter, make sure you pop in and see them!


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