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Posted by Rosemoor Garden on 27 Mar 2009 at 04:16 PM

The dry settled weather has given us the ideal opportunity to plant out our wild flower plugs grown from seed sown on the nursery last year.

An area of coarse grass that we are going to develop into a meadow was prepared last September. The vigorous rye grass was scarified and yellow rattle seed sown. This will germinate in late spring and act as a semi-parasite on the grass, reducing its vigour. This will help the establishment of the wild flowers.

The species we are trying to establish are: meadow buttercup, meadow cranesbill, field scabious, betony and burnet. A group of garden volunteers helped us plant about 2000 plugs (with the aid of a bulb planter) and there were 10 of us on the job, so that was about 200 each!

We are all waiting in anticipation to see how the flowers will bloom this summer.

Helen Round, Superintendent - Decorative and Nursery


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