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Young Bird Photographers!

Posted by Rosemoor Garden on 12 Mar 2009 at 03:07 PM

Over half term we launched a Children's Photographic Competition as part of our 'Birds in the Garden' half term week. We asked children to capture our feathered friends in the garden, at Rosemoor or when they were out and about.

We received so many fantastic photographs, and we have really enjoyed looking at them here at Rosemoor. Judging the winners was a tough job!

In the end we awarded first place to Nathan Eadie's 'Chaffinch on the Table' photo (below). As well as being an eyecatching photograph, it is a very clear image, and the colour and lighting is great! Nathan has won a bird feeder set and a bird box for his garden.

Tara Eadie, who took a picture of Swans on Exeter Quay, Hattie Oliver, who photographed 'The Greedy Blue Tit' and Brandon Galley's 'Robin Takeaway' were Commended.  They have all won bird seed cakes for their gardens.









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