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Green ‘Waste Not Want Not’

Posted by Rosemoor Garden on 26 Feb 2009 at 02:45 PM

Throughout the year all green waste material from the garden is collected in our bulk material storage area. This green waste includes waste plant material, grass clippings, wood chip, annual weed, branches up to 20mm diameter, root balls and small tree stumps.

Green waste awaiting the shredder

When this area is full, we call on our shredding contractor to come in and start the first stage of compost making.

Shredder being loaded

This shredder is a very efficient machine, processing one year’s green waste in just two to three hours. The material is then turned, usually twice, during the year to assist the process of converting it into usable compost.

The shredded compost

When the composting process is complete the material is sheeted down in order to minimise effluent and maintain the heap in a more usable condition.
The finished compost is used to improve the soil within Rosemoor garden.

Mat Fry – Supervisor, Estates Dept


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