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Plants for Bugs

RHS research project monitoring insects in native and non-native garden border plants.

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New faces and first sightings of Green Hairstreaks

Posted by Helen Bostock Plantsforbugs on 07 Jun 2013 at 04:06 PM


What an exciting week its been. The weather has finally allowed Andy to get out and record the flying insect visitors. Butterflies are not common at Wisley but Andy was delighted to spot not one but two Green Hairstreak butterflies during the observations. There was no chance to take a photo but you can learn about them on the Butterfly Conservation website. We'll have to keep our eyes peeled for any more sightings.


From butterflies to people, we also have two new faces to welcome to Wisley; Anna Platoni has joined the entomology team to particularly help with the diagnostics work (answering our member's queries), and Crystal Duncan who has just completed her forensics course and is keen to gain some experience at the RHS with her entomology skills.


Crystal separating out pitfall trap specimens into test-tubes



Anna at home with the microscope work and (below) some of the gunge that comes out of a pitfall trap after a fortnight on the Plants for Bugs plots



And finally, although I had to disappoint with no butterfly pic, the true bug-lovers out there will hopefully enjoy this photo of one of our native cockroaches, Ectobius sp. (nothing like as gruesome as the big exotic species!) that was found while we were weeding...




Hello Helen.

Wowee!  A Green Hairstreak. Callophrys rubi.  You know.  It must be something like twenty years since I last saw one, in the New Forest.  To be honest.  I had marked it down in my memory as, sadly, one that 'was'.  You must have been over the moon to see it at Wisley.  Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

Mike Allen.  FRHS.FLS  (aka.  GROWMORE)

on 14 Jun 2013 at 12:18 AM

Helen Bostock Plantsforbugs said:

Yes, exciting indeed Mike. I believe it may be a first for Wisley. We do have some mature woodland around the site and also over in Wisley Common. Just wish I'd seen one.

on 14 Jun 2013 at 04:55 PM