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Plants for Bugs

RHS research project monitoring insects in native and non-native garden border plants.

Charlie's Angels (in disguise)

Posted by Helen Bostock Plantsforbugs on 07 Mar 2013 at 02:40 PM

(L-R) Judi, Carolyn and Linda pose for the camera 

Our Plants for Bugs volunteers don't get out very much - give them a new pair of secateurs each and they think they're the new Charlies Angels! Still, they deserve some decent hand tools as they've got a big job on this spring with cutting back dead perennial stems on all 36 plots. The old secateurs were somewhat inferior and fell apart a long time ago.

So, although this week has been rained off, work began in February and the garden visitor site of Plants for Bugs (down the end of the Pinetum) has now been completed. It took two full trailers to hold all the old plant stems and a lot of snipping. The odd tender plant such as Verbena has been left - we'll cut that back a little later in spring when frosts are past - but now we still need to repeat the job at the trial site in Wisley Village.

Let's hope the bad weather doesn't last too long - I'd hate to separate them from their secateurs indefinitely! 


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