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Plants for Bugs

RHS research project monitoring insects in native and non-native garden border plants.

We return

Posted by Helen Bostock Plantsforbugs on 12 Feb 2013 at 03:36 PM


You'd be forgiven for thinking we'd all gone into hibernation for the winter here on Plants for Bugs but the truth of the matter is that I've been on the other side of the world for six weeks. Swapping a New Zealand summer for a UK February has been something of a shock but it's nice to be back and planning for the year ahead. Afterall, 2013 is our final year of sampling!


If I get chance I might try and share with you a few of the wierd and wonderful wildlife I saw in NZ but in the meantime to prove I'm back I've posted a pic of Judi and myself (with Sarah's help too) doing the first overhead photo shoot of the year.


Now back to my bulging inbox...


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