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Plants for Bugs

RHS research project monitoring insects in native and non-native garden border plants.

Honeybee hitchhiker

Posted by Helen Bostock Plantsforbugs on 16 Jul 2012 at 11:33 AM


While busy tying in new climber supports, our volunteer John noticed that Judi had picked up a hitchhiker on her back; a honeybee, most likely belonging to Bernard who works in the garden at Wisley and keeps his hives just a stone's throw from our Plants for Bugs area. Although it sheltered on Judi for a good few minutes its intentions were obviously benign and Judi didn't seem too concerned. It obviously wasn't put off my her mosquito repellant.



This wet weather has meant we're getting a little behind with things. And weeds wait for no man. A weed blitz over at the Deer's Farm site was followed by finishing off erecting the final new climber supports at Howard's Field. The slugs and snails have been having a field day with the new honeysuckles so I'm just keeping fingers crossed that they'll survive. We went to such long measure to get them propagated for us it would be a real set back to fail now. Fingers crossed. 



John tying climbers in (note his nifty glove clip on his belt - I must ask him where he got it!) 



Soggy Stachys byzantina, seen through the native honeysuckles


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