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I'm Principal Scientist for Botany at the RHS and work on the correct naming of plants and manage the RHS Herbarium. I am part of an expedition to South Africa this January to study Kniphofia and their natural hybrids.

A British summertime drive

Posted by Chris Whitehouse on 11 Feb 2012 at 10:35 AM

I have now arrived at Buffelskloof and my final stop on my expedition but getting here was not a journey to remember.  Apart from the long roadworks and the frequent lorries reducing speed to a crawl, those bits of the countryside that did look appealing to drive through were blighted by continual rain and heavy cloud (at times it felt rather like a British summer getaway).  A proposed seven hour drive took me nine hours and I am just grateful that I have arrived somewhere with a warm welcome and the prospect of good botanising in the next couple of days.  I only took a couple of photos all day, but the one interesting find was a poker near Memel, which reminded me of K. albomontana, but it does not fit the key, nor is that species supposed to occur that far north.  Requires further investigation!


Welcome of the day: Memel was also an interesting town for its way of welcoming (or not) certain types of visitors.  Yes, that is 5 large lumps of rubble in the middle of the road, which if you are small enough you can weave your way between to enter the town.


Botany said:

This page is to act as a summary of my expedition to find Kniphofia , red hot pokers, with links through

on 24 Feb 2012 at 03:29 PM