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Phillippa Probert

Pip Probert Garden Designer - Outer Spaces Wirral

Young, talented and inspiring, Phillippa Probert is an RHS Gold medal-winning designer who has produced stunning gardens at Tatton Park, Gardeners World, Malvern & Chelsea since 2005.

  • Date Joined: 10 Apr 2008

A Taste Of Ness, Show Garden

Posted by Pip Probert on 05 Jul 2012 at 07:53 AM

Now we are on the finishing details at Ness Botanic Gardens, Making Waves is looking fabulous! The top layer of hoggin will be going on this week and the last piece of turf put down. Every garden takes a little bit of time to adjust, and Making Waves is filling out beautifully. We started on site at the RHS Tatton Park Flower show last Sunday, marking out the plot and most importantly our pond. The weather has already been against us, and the tent has come in handy for sheltering from the rain. We have made the circular, steel pond liner which is now ready for an extra layer of sealant (just to be safe!!) and then painting! The pond is a large part of the show garden, as it symbolises the water on site at Ness Gardens. Today we start on the frame work for our decking which surrounds the pond. If you would like to see what 'A Taste of Ness' is going to look like, you can follow my twitter photos or even the Ness Botanic Gardens Facebook page. You will find lots of pictures of the 'Making Waves' garden, which 'A Taste Of Ness' is sampling for the visitors of the show. It is to give people an idea of what to expect when visiting the evolving Ness Botanic Gardens.


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