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Phillippa Probert

Pip Probert Garden Designer - Outer Spaces Wirral

Young, talented and inspiring, Phillippa Probert is an RHS Gold medal-winning designer who has produced stunning gardens at Tatton Park, Gardeners World, Malvern & Chelsea since 2005.

  • Date Joined: 10 Apr 2008

Final Preparations!

Posted by Pip Probert on 24 Apr 2012 at 01:35 PM

We are currently finalising the last few details before starting on site at Ness Gardens next week. All materials have been checked and everything is more or less ready. The debate today has been about our tall turf waves. I really think that some designs, have a love or hate relationship with the visitors, and I hope that this new garden within the grounds of the Ness Botanic Gardens, Wirral, will be loved by the visitors.

The garden has been named ‘Making Waves’ because this is most definitely what we intend to do.  The garden is modern and quirky, and will have a big impact on the site, as it will be seen from many different positions on the site. The design is based on a circular, spiral path that guides visitors around the plot, allowing them to view the plants at different angles throughout the journey. Colour plays a huge role in the design, and solid blocks of colour will sweep around the spiral path.  The turf waves I mentioned earlier will emerge from the floor all over the plot, giving softened boundaries within the design, and blocking off the view at different stages along the route.

We will be using a ‘Grass Felt’ product supplied by Allturf, Knutsford.  This turf is grown a mat, acting like a role of carpet.  This will help the shapes look manicured and smooth, with no lumps and bumps! 

I am currently working on the planting plan, which is very exciting!  I like to see lots of interest, and planting combinations you just want to take away with you.  Pictures will be added for you to follow our progress once we start on site!

Visitors can come right up to the site, and see us working.  Please come and say hello!


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