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Phillippa Probert

Pip Probert Garden Designer - Outer Spaces Wirral

Young, talented and inspiring, Phillippa Probert is an RHS Gold medal-winning designer who has produced stunning gardens at Tatton Park, Gardeners World, Malvern & Chelsea since 2005.

  • Date Joined: 10 Apr 2008

Start of the Show Season

Posted by Pip Probert on 11 Apr 2008 at 02:21 PM

After submitting plans late last year for three gardens at various shows in 2008, and being accepted with a Chic Garden at Chelsea called Green Living, a Back to Back at Tatton called Time out, and a Show Garden also at Tatton called Aqualife – this year is already very busy.  So far I have mostly been planning the gardens, arranging deliveries and materials with sponsoring companies, and choosing all the materials and matching products / props, and scheduling the works with my team.

Chelsea is virtually organised at this point, the garden’s construction has been planned and scheduled.  My team and I are all VERY excited, and can’t wait to begin our first ever Chelsea garden experience.  We have been making mock ups of different construction methods, and feel confident that the garden will be a success.

At this stage the Tatton gardens are a little further behind in the process.  We have nearly finished selecting the materials, apart from the bespoke paving made by Organic Stone, as various samples are being produced to my own design.  In the next week or so, I shall be selecting the trees for the show garden, and checking up on the plants.

In the meantime, last week, I was asked to re-build my Chelsea garden at the BBC Gardeners World show in June.  So fingers crossed, we will have ironed out all of the problems during the Chelsea build!


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