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Philippa Pearson

Behind the scenes diary for The Victorian Aviary Garden at Chelsea Flower Show and The Girlguiding UK Centenary Garden at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2010

Pots and preparations

Posted by Neil Lucas on 11 Apr 2008 at 02:41 PM

The nursery is very busy with customers orders, we have just had a late shipment of our special elm trees in from the USA with all the fun that that entails and of course now that the show plants we potted for Chelsea are in active growth the first successes as well as casualties are becoming evident.

The large pots you see in the picture are our miscanthus and reeds a month or so ago on their way to a tall greenhouse to become eight foot arrows of bright green foliage for the centre of our stand. Except that this year all our Miscanthus giganteus have failed to appear as required. As we are doing both our usual stand in the Pavilion and an urban garden we are twice as short of plants!

On the plus side the Arundo donax are making wonderful straight growths possibly a little slower than normal due to the coolish weather we have been experiencing but this will probably benefit us in the end as the biggest problem can be too tall and whippy growth that promptly flops in front of the judges.

All the plants we intend to use for Chelsea are cut hard back in January and put in our ‘Chelsea’ house to begin gentle forcing. We have to be careful not to push things along too quickly and we are now coming into the time when I am either worried that the plants are too slow or too fast. There is no happy medium!!

The wonderful native Briza media that flowers almost naturally for us each year in time for the show stays outside; and this week has had to contend with hail and even snowfall at the weekend. Luckily they are pretty hardy plants that will need more than April snow to put them off track. Another native grass I love very much is Molinia caerulea (see our gallery pages for images; ), like many grasses the Molinia is too late for Chelsea much as I would love to show it off there.


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