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Paul Stone

Rachel's Organic Gardens C93-C95

  • Date Joined: 26 Jun 2009

A week before the show

Posted by Rachel's Organic Gardens on 09 Jul 2009 at 05:29 PM

Rachels Organic Passion for Taste Garden is all about FRUIT. People dedicate their lives to growing fruit and we’ve got a fantastic bunch of experts at Ken Muir Nurseries in Essex bringing on the specimens that bear the fruit we take for granted when we enjoy Rachels delicious tastes. I took time out last week to check out how the plants were getting on and I wasn’t disappointed. I had planned to visit a day earlier, but got stuck in the dreaded M25 car park, gave up and decided to go the next day. That meant I missed Roger and Kevin Muir, but Sue Muir was there to show me round – this is a proper Family business!Actually this was something of a trip down memory lane for me. The Muirs’ Nursery is in Weeley near Clacton. Back in the 70’s this was the site of a Woodstock size Rock Festival and friends and I camped there for the weekend. The bands that played were the pick of the Rock world at the time, including Rory Galagher, King Crimson, Lindisfarne, TRex and weirdly the Groundhogs who I saw last year at our own concert hall in Falmouth. The pick of the bunch was a young Rod Stewart and the Faces which remains one of the best sets ive ever seen.  Sue told me she had camped there as well so we were able to reminisce!      Im acutely aware looking at the trees and bushes that there is really relatively little point in me deciding what individual plants should be set aside for the show. The reality is that 24 hours is a long time in the world of fruit. Blackcurrants dripping in dark bunches of fruit now will be well over by the time we need it – strawberries and Raspberies that look green and uninspiring now will be laden in ripe fruit the first week in July. So im told anyway! And to be honest ive just got to rely on this family team that have 12 RHS Gold medals and over 40 years of growing under their belt!Ive given them a list of the type of plants that go into Rachels products and most of them will appear in our display, apart from the exotic ones like bananas - which would look a little out of place in combination with gooseberries!So in short we are going to have fine blackcurrants, strawberries, peaches and cherries. Will the gooseberries be over? Will the Rhubarb grow a bit more? Will the blueberries actually be blue?The Muirs are delivering the plants on Monday 29th and Ive realized I had better get a net over all those fruit bushes before they are eaten before judging!


I had a classic nightmare dream about building the garden last night! The digger had broken down and couldn’t be repaired for 2 days, my digger driver Martin was drunk and wouldn’t listen to me, and the site for the garden had been changed by the RHS to a position next to children’s play equipment where it would be impossible to build it. I was in despair and was relieved to wake up. Opposite to dreams? 


HAmpton Court Palace Flower Show; Paul Stone



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