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Lost in paradise?

Posted by Mark Gregory on 20 Apr 2010 at 04:05 PM

It seemed a good idea at the time,a week on a tropical island, alittle down time. lull before the take a holiday a matter of weeks from Chelsea is unheard  of for me.having just reached a significant birthday, and wanting to mark the moment.I thought well why not. a sneaky week in Mauritus..the business is in control, My Chelsea gardens are where they should be in way of preparations..just a little too early to fret about plants...then this Volcano went off...and I'm well and truly struck in Paradise...I should have left last thursday. and got straight into my crucial last couple of weeks...briefing crew. adjusting schedules.confirming deliveries and so always think you are having such a good time..could use a couple more days. then this.would you have ever thought it? now I have to be honest..the whole thing has spooked me..because right now..there is no obvious way home..and those crucial preparation days are ebbing away..thankfully. I took my laptop. and are working remotely as best  I can..this will be my 22nd year of building at Chelsea, with nearly 50 show gardens under my belt . I normally build at least 2,  every year with this year seeing my company see  building for James Wong and the tourism of Malyasia garden. and I'm designing my Own large show garden for the childrens Society this will be the third in a row that I have designed for them...the last two were small urban gardens, front garden in 08' and rear garden in 09' both have achieved Gold no pressure then.and I have never felt so helpless as I do now  I'm even going to miss running in this years Virgin London Marathon for the charity.When you are at Home dealing with the issues that are coming at you it's one thing..somehow laying on your sun lounger litterally sweating at the thought of your plight..loses it's appeal.never mind,rumour has it the Navy are thats alright?Paradise


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