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Delivering one of the Girlguiding UK Containers to Hampton Court, did it survive the journey?!

Posted by Lydia Powell on 09 Jul 2010 at 09:09 PM

The 32nd All Saints Kettering Rainbows delivered their flower display to Hampton Court - it survived the rough ride very well in the van!

All the Rainbows were really delighted to be having a day off school to go and visit the flower show.

There are 3 flower colours: blue for Guides, yellow for Brownies and red for Rainbows. Each Rainbow at the unit grew grass for the pink shoes and wellies to sit on, then they grew flowers and herbs. Sweetpeas are growing up the crutches and stick.

Poppy one of the older Rainbows, painted the tray pink using leftover bedroom paint. The rubber mat "welcome" was reclaimed from a bin, the tray itself was made from old pieces of wood and the Guider's husband won't be able to do the washing up anymore!!!

It really is a recycled container!


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